The freshly revealed Mexican supercar Inferno is impressive in many respects

12/06/2015 14:13:10
The freshly revealed Mexican supercar Inferno is impressive in many respects
A team of Mexican engineers collaborated with Italian specialists to build the most powerful and impressive supercar ever they named Inferno colouring it in matt grey and blood red.

The Inferno supercar is the latest stunning and powerful vehicle that has been lately revealed. This new Mexican-backed supercar project promises 1,400 hp!

Inferno supercar

The Inferno was led by Mexican engineers but built by Italian specialists who have apparently worked on a number of Lamborghini concept cars. The design is pretty extreme with plenty of cut out aerodynamic parts, a large rear spoiler and five rear exhausts. The matt grey and blood red colouring matches the car’s name.

Mexican supercar

The bodywork is a mixture of Zinc, Aluminium and Silver, referred to as “metal foam”. Apparently the company behind the project owns a patent to the material. It benefits from huge strength and a low density. It has been billed as stretchable metal, allegedly able to stretch to 100 times its original size in order to absorb impacts. 

new supercar Inferno

Although the headline figures are pretty stunning, it appears as though production is a long way off. Production is apparently scheduled to begin in 2016, although it isn’t clear whether there is a running concept yet. 


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